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Gating Poles

Train down fast with ease.  The all new Track Trainer was designed for training down without the need for a race bike.  Features adjustable hitches and adjustable sliding seat.  Gaiting poles are also available.

Product Description

The Track Trainer allows for easier training and the ability to go much faster. There no longer is the need to train down in an uncomfortable racebike. This hybrid has European and Australian influences as a cross between a jog cart and sulky. Shorter, better shaped shafts that remind you of a sulky, provide the horse with both room and performance needs. A wider and taller stance allow the driver to have more control over the horse with better visibility. The tracking on the Track Trainer is unlike anything before, giving a great feel when going fast around turns. The Track Trainer features and all welded aluminum design with replaceable shafts. Comes standard with composite wheels, fenders and track apron. es.


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Weight 104 lbs
Dimensions 112 x 54 x 24 in