Eventing TimerGPS R100

A must have for all Eventing riders, the TimerGPS R100 makes pace controlling easier than ever. Featuring a countdown timer and real-time pace display, it is perfect for any rider. TimerGPS focuses in excellence for equine sports, and the TimerGPS R100 is the latest edition to it’s line of GPS-Stopwatches. Ultra durable for all weather use with easy to read display, the TimerGPS R100 for Eventing can be used for both training and competing. Check out all of it’s features below and feel free to contact us with any more questions. The TimerGPS R100 also comes with a USB Charger, Silicone Cover and HandsFree wristband.

Designed for Eventing: r100 Features

  • Shows pace and average pace in m/min format.
  • Distances in meters or miles.
  • Exercise and lap times.
  • Automatically saves exercise data for up to ten horses.
  • All data is stored and can be easily analyzed afterwards.
  • Language versions: English, French, Italian, Swedish, German and Finnish.
  • R100 Device also features a normal stopwatch.
  • and so much more!

Training Features


TimerGPS displays the m/min pace, distance and time, during the exercise. You can choose between seeing normal time, exercise time, distance and average pace.

You do not need to guess your pace and distance anymore as all data are shown in real time on the display.

TimerGPS R100 stores all data for easy post exercise analysis.


The interval exercise allows TimerGPS to display the time as well as pace and also contains an alarm sound to alert the rider of under or over optimum pace or time and completed distance.

Do intervals in order to challenge your horse and to improve its performance level.


During your training TimerGPS shows the optimum time and distance.A countdown helps you to determine the optimum pace. You can adjust your pace during the training – thanks to the real time display of the TimerGPS.

There is also a competition mode: Displayed is only the countdown but all data are stored for easy post competition analysis.


The Track Training Function creates a virtual start/finish line to allow circuit training anywhere you choose, without the need to manually measure a course.TimerGPS automatically stores your lap time information for easy post training analysis.

There is also a competition mode: Displayed is only the countdown but all data are stored for easy post competition analysis.

Technical Specifications

TimerGPS dimensions: Length 98mm, width 64mm, thickness 18mm.

Weight: 85 grams.

Display: Extremely clear and accurate OLED display. Durable in all weather conditions and temperatures from +50 to -20°C. Display width 29mm and height 34mm. The height of the main display font is 8mm.

Battery: Rechargable battery with 10 to 30 hour operating time (depending on air temperature).

GPS: Very sensitive GPS receiver manufactured by Finnish Fast Trax.

Vibrator: Built-in vibrator notifies driver for lap times and gives indication of button push.

Audio: TimerGPS is equipped with button push sound.